PHOTO: Truck wedged beneath Granville overpass (Facebook: NSW Police Force)


Trucks and bridges rarely get along, due to an expensive and eventful history. Accidents like the one depicted above happen more often than you’d think and are less than ideal for multiple reasons. There’s not only a risk of injury, but incidents like this also cause damage, delays and embarrassment for poor truck drivers.

 So WHY does this keep happening? It can be a combination of poor signage, driver distraction or inexperience, or poor GPS guidance. So what can help?

Trucks/Motorhome Navigation

Zenec’s Truck/Motorhome Navigation is an exciting new feature specifically designed for those travelling with large, difficult to manoeuvre vehicles. This navigation system allows you to enter your vehicle specifications including: Maximum Speed, Fuel Consumption in Cities & Motorways, Engine Type, Length, Width, Height, Trailer and Weight. You can also enter the Freight you are carrying (e.g. Bio-hazard, Explosive, Dangerous When Wet, etc.). You can even disable U-turns on all roads!

Advanced Warning System

Even while you are travelling unassisted by route guidance, the Truck/Motorhome Navigation will take into consideration the road ahead of you and give warnings of possible hazards. The advanced warning system notifies you of upcoming potential hazards such as Merging, Slippery Roads, Wildlife Crossing areas, etc. Along with standard Street Navigation warnings such as Speed Limits, School Zones and Safety Cameras – you’ll be notified of all the information you require for a safe journey.

All of the above features are included in Zenec’s Premium Navigation Package. See what’s available for your vehicle or Contact us to find out more!