Who Are Zenec?

The Zenec brand is relatively new to the electronic car accessories market. In 2005 the first Zenec multimedia systems were released with resounding success. Since then, Zenec have gone from strength to strength and have now established themselves as a market leader throughout the German speaking countries in Europe. Developed by ACR, Europe’s largest car media specialist, the Zenec brand is everything you would expect from product designed in Switzerland.

What Do They Do?

Key to the growth experienced has been the development of the E>GO (Exchange & Go) product range. The idea behind the development was to provide a product that would be able to replace a factory fitted system with an aftermarket device that maintained both the aesthetic look and technical integration existing in the car. As well as retaining factory features, the Zenec E>GO range would provide more advanced technology, high quality, an enormous range of features in a simple, easy to use format.

What Are They Known For?

Having great success in German speaking countries can be attributed to the development of their Volkswagen E>GO products. Volkswagen vehicles have been notoriously difficult for the aftermarket to replace while maintaining the factory features such as Climate Control Display, Optical Parking Sensors and MultiFunction Display integration.
Probably the most difficult feature to retain is the complex radio antenna system that exists in many Volkswagen vehicles from the Golf MK V platform onwards. Existing in these cars are two radio antennas whose signals are relayed directly into the factory head unit, which in turn, converts the signals into one, enabling the car to pick up the best radio reception possible. Prior to Zenec releasing the ZE-NC2011D in 2011, replacing the factory head unit almost always resulted in a loss of radio reception quality. Zenec devices for Volkswagen from the ZE-NC2011D onwards have had the Phase Diversity Radio Tuner which has allowed Zenec devices to use both radio signals in the vehicle to, at the very least, give you radio reception on par with that of the factory head units.

Is It Only Vehicle Specific?

No. Zenec have always had a high quality universal head unit that can be fitted to a large range of vehicles using fascias and harnesses which are readily available.

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