Warranty Information

Zenec Device Warranty

The standard warranty on your Zenec device (excluding Navigation SD Card) is a 3 Year back to base warranty* against manufacturing defects. This covers parts and labour, so if you experience a problem with your device**, please contact your reseller for assistance.  Proof of purchase and serial number will be required for any warranty or support, so please keep this information in a safe place.  Navigation, Software and Bluetooth updates may be released periodically on our website. Performing these updates is the responsibility of the end user.

*   Zenec Australia does not cover the cost to remove or refit a device.
** Navigation SD Cards are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Navigation Licence Warranty

Every year new roads are built, existing ones are altered and speed limits are changed so regular map updates are released to ensure you have the most up to date information at your fingertips when driving. This device comes with a 1 year of map updates for iGo Primo Street Navigation* using the Naviextras Toolbox (naviextras.com).  Documentation is provided that explains how you can ensure that your device is as up to date as possible. If you would like to purchase additional updates once this 1 year period expires you may do so through the Naviextras Toolbox.

The 1 year period of map updates ensures that you are able to download the latest map data over the Naviextras update server after the device is installed.  Devices are shipped from our Australian Warehouse with the latest Navigation Content and Software available at that time.  Please refer to our Support Page for more information on how devices are updated with the latest maps.

* There are no free map updates on the optional Hema 4WD Nav package.

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